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Cardiology: know the best surgeons in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, June 10, 2015

ID-100129765When you imagine a person suffering from cardiovascular disease, you think of a middle-aged person who is overweight holding onto their chest. However, heart problems have been affecting the world’s population for a long time and are not restricted by age to affect a person. Heart problems usually stem from stress. Almost all of the world’s population suffers from stress at one point or another in their life, and often, the stress can lead to heart trouble. According to statistics, an estimated 17.5 million people died from cardiovascular diseases in 2012, representing 31% of all global deaths with an estimated 7.4 million due to coronary heart disease and 6.7 million due to stroke. Continue reading…

Why Should You Opt For a Physician in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, June 3, 2015

ID-100184687Last year, people in the US spent a staggering sum of $3.8 trillion on medical expenses. With the health costs soaring and the economy suffering, many people are now making their way to other countries which offer trusted medical help.

Mexico has been at the forefront of medical research for a long time now. Like many developing countries, it first started out as a struggle, but as time goes on, Mexico has made many breakthroughs in medicine. With doctors and physicians in every field in high demand for their expertise, Mexico is becoming a very favorable place for people with medical problems. In fact, many people who have visited Mexico for medical purposes have reported receiving the same high quality treatment as they did back in the United States, albeit at a significantly lower cost, making it affordable for many.

Continue reading…