Blog - Archive: May 2015

How to Prepare Yourself for Medical Travel

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, May 30, 2015

ID-100148437Do not pack your bags just yet to travel to another country for medical treatment. Before you get on that plane, visit a doctor to find out if you are in the clear to make your trip abroad. Even though being vaccinated for diseases depends largely on the area of the country you are travelling to, caution is advised. Continue reading…

Medical Travel: Guidelines for Seeking Plastic Surgery

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, May 29, 2015

ID-10030737Reconstructive surgery to enhance, modify, or reconstruct a part of the body comes with a high price. People in the need to undergo the knife for a specific or dire reason have to resort to alternate methods to get what they want. They begin to shop around, looking for discounts on plastic surgery procedures.

Their search does not go to waste, as they uncover major discounts in the medical treatments offered in other countries than their own. Who ignores major discounts such as this, right? However, when there are discounts as grand as this, there is always a catch. You can spot a catch by acting vigilant and asking the right questions. Continue reading…