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Why Medical Travel has become Popular in Mexico

Posted by David, April 21, 2015

medical-travel_3Patients beyond Borders describes Mexico as a country that has come a long way in healthcare. The country has established itself as a global medical care hub for people from all walks of life. Mexico’s popularity as the destination for medical care rose when foreigners began to visit to receive dental treatments and cosmetic surgery.

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My husband wouldn’t be alive

Posted by admin, April 15, 2015

Gallbladder ChapalaMedWe read about Dr. Hernandez’s online postings about the Healthcare System in Guadalajara and in particular about our SEGURO POPULAR insurance. So in August of 2014 we decided to establish care with him so that he may guide us through the system and get the care we needed.

On Sunday, January 25th 2015, my husband Gary had some pepperoni pizza for dinner. Shortly afterwards, he said that he must have eaten too much pepperoni. He had a stomach ache and went to bed. Monday morning, he was fine, but still had a little pain. I made him a breakfast, and he again felt pain after eating. I began to worry that it was his gall bladder. Continue reading…

Top Breakthroughs in Oncology Research in Mexico

Posted by David, April 14, 2015


Cancer is devastating. Any person who has lost a loved one to cancer knows how hard it is to watch them wither away in pain. Cancer research has been an ongoing topic for many medical centers and there has been much progress in treating it. Educated patients who are suffering from cancer are now making their way towards Mexico as news about a breakthrough in oncology research has come to light.

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