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The Reputation of Medical Travel To Mexico is Growing

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, December 27, 2013


Although medical travel has gained popular attraction over the last twenty years, the idea is not a new concept. For over 200 years people in England have visited Spas and Coastal towns, believing that natural spring waters and the sea air was good to help with certain complaints, in particular bronchitis and other breathing problems. In recent times, though, people have travelled to receive medical treatments for all manner of reasons including plastic surgery, neurosurgery and cardiology.

There is still some stigma attached to medical travel. This is fundamentally due to certain mainstream media outlets reporting seeking medical treatment overseas is controversial or even morally wrong. The media of course are batting for their own countries health centres in the political arena thus distort the true facts. The truth about medical travel is that it is more beneficial for both the patient and the country if origin where patients seek treatment. Continue reading…

Medical System(s) at work for Dr. Hernandez (a personal testimonial)

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, December 7, 2013

THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON/ God works in mysterious ways etc.”
18 months ago the thought of relocating to Mexico solidified for personal reasons. Not sure if it was a foolish or a brave move. But since I got here things were either “SINK or SWIM” as far as my business goes.
But being allowed to practice medicine here really has allowed me to more tightly control a lot of what goes on in the course of my patients’ care and it gives both them and I more options to take into consideration.

Turning the clock forward 18 months, and following the medical principles and adhering to the U.S. Medical norms I was taught I can say that I am pleased to say that the best of both countries(medically speaking) allowed me to diagnose and get treatment for a person who is my hero, MY FATHER, in a timely manner before anything catastrophic happened to him.

He is a SNOW BIRD and came down with me. Being able to use the DIAGNOSTIC LABS so freely in Guadalajara (thanks to RIO CLINIC) it allowed me to diagnose a carotid artery that was so clogged up with a cholesterol plaque (U.S. recommendation is SURGERY AT THIS POINT) that I quickly got him on the right track for treatment. He has MEDICARE and since I still have the contacts in the Chicago area (my BFF Dr. Ivan Lopez of ProHEALTH medical clinic in Aurora, IL) we were able to get him in the hands of one of the best vascular surgeons in the Chicagoland area. Vanessa Luquin helped out so much as well. Thanks.

The tools and medical technology that are available for physicians down here in Mexico are on par with those in the U.S. and I have confirmed this with my own father. Often a physician in the U.S. or Canada will need to repeat those studies(due to malpractice) but it only confirms what we find here.

I spoke with my dad in his hospital room at Elmhurst Hospital in Chicago. He’s doing well after his surgery yesterday. He will be released this evening. Needless to say that this Christmas will be especially happy for our family.
And I will be especially thankful and reflective upon the course of events that led me to be where I am today and have allowed me to work in the manner which I do and have thus allowed me to prevent my dad from getting a major stroke.

If I wasn’t practicing where I am and in the manner I am the outcome could’ve been very different.

Shattering The Stigmas About Surgery in Mexico

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, December 5, 2013

Operating_room small

Surgery in Mexico is a rapidly growing business with more than a million patients visiting from the US alone each year. However, due to reports of malpractice in mainstream newspapers there is still concern amongst the mass majority of people. Yet statistics show that surgery in Mexico is far safer than medical treatment in the US.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a report that medical negligence in the US kills around 200,000 patients a year and is the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. In 2012, over $3 billion was paid out in malpractice lawsuits – and only one in five cases actually pays out! Continue reading…