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Surgery in Mexico: The 4 most popular treatments

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 24, 2013

santiagoAccording to a survey conducted by Deloitte, US spending on surgery in Mexico is almost $80 million dollars. Each year, millions of patients from North America and the UK travel to Mexico to undergo surgery and Deloitte estimates that figure will continue to climb  in the upcoming coming years. So why do patients from western climates choose Latin America and what type of surgery in Mexico do westerners want?

Weight loss surgery

The most popular surgery in Mexico is for weight loss. Mexico has numerous world-class Bariatric centers offering a range of affordable surgeries specifically designed for people who have issues with their weight. Regardless of whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or control your weight there is a surgery and after-care program that will right you in the long-term. Furthermore, the vast majority of reviews for bariatric surgery in Mexico are positive and many patients recommend the same treatments to their friends. Continue reading…

Chapala Med-Physician in Mexico -Testimonial – Cat Cole

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 22, 2013

resized pic (1)I am 66 years old, very active in fitness and eat a clean diet. I was always aware that I had a family history of heart problems, but knew that my regime was keeping me out of trouble.  And, as it turned out, it was. I had some testing done last year and things were looking very good.

But for some reason, things changed over the past couple of months.  I was not able to exercise very much, had no energy; I didn’t have an appetite and was feeling rather depressed about it all. Continue reading…

My surgical experience with Dr. Hernandez

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 16, 2013

Surgery ChapalaMedI had breast augmentation 38 years ago. I was one among many women who were the first to do such a procedure. The implants were manufactured by Dow Corning, the first company to product the devices. I was told that there was only 20 years experience with these implants and that after that, “We just don’t know.”  I went ahead with the procedure. I loved, loved, loved the results and have never looked back. Due to the short life experience with these implants, they eventually started to rupture and many, many women sued the manufacture, who paid billions in claims, putting the company in bankruptcy. Since then research has revealed that the implants did not and do not cause the medical problems claimed by these women, however, it is advised to have them replaced. Science has now developed safer versions, there are many manufacturers producing them and it has become a very common procedure. Just take a look at the internet and you’ll see your favorite stars with enhanced breasts.

I was told that my implants had ruptured before moving to Mexico and that replacement was recommended. Dr. Hernandez was unaware of the leakage, but as a routine examination for my medical file, he sent me to Guadalajara for a sonogram which revealed my “problem.” He called me into his office and we discussed “what to do.” I had been aware of the rupture for some time, but hated the idea of another surgery. So far nothing I could detect was affecting my health. Being from the U.S., insurance companies say, “Tough cookies” when it comes to most plastic surgery procedures and the cost is out of sight. But living in Mexico where insurance companies don’t rule the roost, those procedures are more affordable and when Dr. Hernandez had a heart to heart with me, I said, “When do we do this?” Continue reading…

Medical Travel Tips For A Successful Experience

Posted by Dr. Santiago Hernandez, October 10, 2013

globalMedical travel in Mexico is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. The standard of service is as good as or better than your local hospital, yet the cost is far less expensive and you get the opportunity to visit and recuperate in tropical surroundings. However, like any hospital or holiday, medical tourism is not without its mishaps, so to ensure you have a positive experience in Mexico here are some tips you should follow through before booking medical travel. Continue reading…